hose nozzle

Machineries are the lifeline of the production houses of any industry. A large chunk of the capital is invested in these things. Subjected to continuous work most of the time, they are also exposed to high heat frequently, which can cause damage. That is why much is also spent on their frequent maintenance in the form of chemical cleaners and industrial fans,  hazardous both to people and the environment. But an alternative can be looked into…tool cooler – one point hose.

The tool cooler uses pressurised air to produce cold streams for increasing the heat tolerance of factory drills, grinders, iron solders, and cutters. It can be mounted firmly on any metal surface because of its strong-grip magnetic base. With the exception of the nozzle and the hose sometimes, the tool cooler – one point hose is 100% made of high-calibre stainless steel that can withstand heat, while it provides cooling to the moving parts of assembly line machines.

By default, the generator that comes with the tool cooler – one point hose can muster up compressed air at 15 SCFM that is sufficient for most uses. But if higher capacity is desired, especially in cases where the surface to be treated is bigger, more powerful generators can be purchased. Increasing the amount of compressed air will also add to the force of the cold stream being sprayed out of the cooling system. High capacity generators may also be needed in high-heat industrial sites.

There are usually two options with the hose kit of a tool cooler – one point hose. For a more target, concentrated blasts of cold air, the cone nozzle hose kit is perfect.

This is ideal for improving the heat tolerance of automatic drillers working overtime. The fan nozzle hose kit is the option for cooling factory cutting blades, which have a wider surface. In both cases, the hose itself is flexible and can be bent to the desired angle for a more precise action. Having the nozzle placed at 1/2″ proximity allows the unit to perform more effectively.

A regulator with an automatic switch valve and filters are necessary when the tool cooler – one point hose is intended for thawing parts that are in continuous function mode, or in plants that uses water or oil in the production process. The regulator, in particular, makes it possible for the cooling unit to be preset and left on its own to work, because it is smart enough to turn itself off when it is not in use.


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